"You may hear a little giggle or maybe even a squeal if I see great light or background that I can envision an image being taken in. And when that envisioned “image” becomes reality on the back of my camera, you may even see a spontaneous little happy dance following. That’s me. I tend to get excited over my pictures and “sometimes” (which equals quite often) that excitement comes out….just a little "  
Beverley Lu

"I’ve been told I’m a photo ninja…lol. I have a tendency to sneak up and be taking photos of a moment while you are not aware I’m there, capturing that once in a lifetime, candid moment.  Both of us aim for that “WOW” factor. If we hear that little gasp or “Ohhhh..wow!” from you when we show you an image on our cameras, we have done our job".

We have this amazing love of pursuing fine art photography side by side. We have a similiar personality, but yet each of us see the world a little bit different when looking through our lenses. With this combination, we have found we compliment each other’s style and bring out the best in each others creativity.
While we love natural light and will use it when available, we also can use any light source to achieve the “look” we are going for, whether it is light and airy, or dramatic and moody. Capturing those fleating and precious moments as well as creating “Art” in our imagery that clients can hang proudly on their wall as a conversation piece, is our goal. We take on challenges with trying new things and seeing Light “differently”.

Moncton Wedding & Portrait  Photography

To get to know us better, send us a note and let us know what’s on your mind. If you have any questions or would like to book us for your wedding or portrait session, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you and discuss what we can create for you.

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Here Are Some Photos Of Us “Hard At Work”….lol.

Can You Tell We Love What We Do?