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Jennifer & Patrick // Miramichi Kinsmen Club Wedding

Last Saturday we made the trip up to Miramichi to take part in Jennifer & Patrick's wedding. It was

quite cold and there was snow on the ground, but no snow in the air.

This was going to be something different as the theme of the wedding was "The Nightmare Before Christmas" This made for an unusual colour scheme for the day with lots of reds and blacks, along with the traditional white.

Jennifer totally had us fooled with talks of her dress being red and black. On that morning when she took it out, it was white with red trim. You really got me on that one Jenn....lol.

The wedding dress was gorgeous with lots of bead trimming and stunning deep red trim, and Jennifer looked so beautiful in it. Also Patrick dressed in his dark red cloak, white shirt and black pants all decked out, looked dashing.

These two are so much in love and it really shows and I do believe it was "Simply Meant To Be" :)

Thank you Jennifer & Patrick for allowing us to take part in your very special day :)

Enjoy your sneak peak with some of our favourites!