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Night Portraits & City Lights // Celine & Scott

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

One evening and yet another night portrait session, we were using all the new lighting gear. It was a dark, overcast night so we couldn’t get the sunset. But we took a few with the city lights as a backdrop and then headed down to Tantramar for a few more. Our willing subjects, were very co-operative, although we did get eaten alive by the bugs….lol.

The last 3 photos were taken after dark. For anyone that has been at the marsh knows that once the sun goes down, there isn’t a lot of light around. And being an overcast evening, it was pitch dark that night.

For the last photo Scott was gracious enough to shine his car headlights on the barn to focus our cameras and then turn them off. We set our cameras for a long exposure (15 seconds) and our lights on second curtain sync. I love the sky and how there was just enough yellow colour from the city lights way in the distance, that came out during the long exposure .