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Stephanie & Jamie // Portraits

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

We had a wonderful portrait session with a very cute couple recently. We had lots of fun and the ducks that were in the area seem to as well....lol. Maybe they wanted their pictures taken too :)

The morning started out very cloudy and kind of dreary for the weather, and at the end of our time out, it started to rain. We would have dug out our rain gear to get some rain portraits, but it will be for another time :) However, that didn't stop us from creating photos with a "fake sun". Did I say that???....lol. Anyone that knows us, will know we love silhouettes as well as environmental portraits and anything that is different, so of course, we had to create some silhouette images and environmental portraits :)

Thank you Stephanie & Jamie for going along with our ideas and making our job very easy :)